Transfer from Exchange to wallet


I want to get Calisto coins and I transferred my ETC to ETC wallet (ClassicEtherWallet) from Bittrex
About 10 hours passed but the status is still pending.
Is it a problem with Bittrex or with wallet?
How long the transfer usually takes?


Did bittrex say that your transaction went through? Do you have transaction id (hash)?


Thank you for your answer phyro, I didn’t receive email about transaction for the first time. When I tried again, I got it.


Same here from Cryptopia over an hour ago I sent .25 ETC to test twice and still waiting how long does this usually take??


You just have to wait. It happens @Gmes


My My .5 ETC was in the wallet this morning.I sent 2.5 more over. will it get there faster if I up the gass 8 hours is unreasonable. any pointers would be great. thanks


So I just checked cryptopia and the w/d request is pending. I am actually learning how all this works.


I sent ETC from Binance to ClassicEtheriumWallet. Binance said complete but does not show on ETC Balance. But it tracks it in and shows my balance there. How long does it take to get the transfer complete in the CEW.


@Ernie74 You should see them immediately if you are connected online with the wallet and it is in sync with the blockchain. Otherwise I’d be afraid you have mistyped the withdrawal address, which would burry your coins.