Transfer to usb hdd


Hello! Can you please tell me how to solve the problem of transferring a wallet to usb hdd? The fact is that when you install it on Windows (7), you cannot choose where to install it. I have it now on the “c” drive, and I need it to be on usb hdd. I have already done full synchronization with the network, but now I cannot understand how to transfer it. I do not want it to be on the PC, for this I bought yusb hdd at 1000 gb


Sorry your having an issue. What software or wallet are you using?


Hello! I do not understand in English and I use Google translator. First of all I want to tell you a big thank you for responding I use Emerald Wallet and I have Windows 7 full. The fact is that when I installed it on my PC, I could not choose where to install it and I got it on the “C” drive, but I need it on a portable disk. How can I transfer it now? I downloaded the purse from here and here is this EmeraldWallet-win-v1.0.0-62c64d5.ehe file

P.S. I have 64 bit