Trnsfer from Exchange to my Etc wallet


hallo, i send may coins from trader - kraken to my Wallet Etc and i dont Reciciv this , i dont know why? please check , my Wallet adresse is : 0x5955e50939456d372dde526d16561cb6ed60bd60
and my backup is:

please help me ,



I can see them :wink:


is correct , but i have in my wallet mistakenly klick the new adress , but i have backup adresse for korrekt adresse , is possible now to find again my coins ore any possibility , the wallet adress , which i recive my coins was not more by my wallet exist -


da du from Austria bist, schreibe ich deutsch mir st viel leichter,
ich habe vom kraken - trader meine Coins zu meine ETC Wallet gesendet , die Sendung war erfolgreich , ich habe die Adresse des Wallets und die Backup gesichert , nech dem kraken gesendet hat , wollte ich auf ETC-Wallet schauen, ob darauf ist , irrtümlich habe ich auf neu adresse ertsellen geklickt - keine Coins angekommen , gibt es irgendeine Möglichkeit die Coins wieder zu bekommen ?? , danke


Sorry Englisch Forum I will relpy you in Englisch.

If you got the Backup just use it to enter the wallet or did I just miss understud something?


Sorry, but isnt posile , i find my wallet adress not more , my wallet have new adress and i have backup password for The old (correct) wallet , now my transfer credit 0 ?? thx


I aswered to your separate threat. To create a new adress iand to create a new wallet are two different things. Some wallets supports one HD, when I am correct, it means you have one private key for different adresses. And a new adress will be created as soon as transaction(s) is made or some amount of transactions have been made. It depends on which wallet are you using.
The new adress will show you always that amount of transaction that were made on this adress. If you check your private key (under tools - > jaxx wallet), then you will see your generated adresses + amounts+private key


Sorry your having issues - what wallet are you using?