We need great marketing for ETC


I use WeChat in China and exchange platform in China, but before WeChat became mainstream, it has many competitors. If it is simple, it’s technically similar. But in the end only weChat, because only one of its promotion is good, everyone is using. I think this case is like the present I do not deny that our excellent development team can develop products that change the world like Jobs did, but marketing is also very important. He is an important part of the success of the future etc, for example, the proportion of technology is 70% and the marketing proportion is 30%. In order to get the perfect score, you must fight for 30%. My suggestion is to establish a delegation in the major countries around the world to promote it, in fact, many people as etc fans


Like I, as a trader, I love etc but I do not know technology, so I can not technically give a little help to etc. If there is such a big event in every country that leads us to promote, I will be happy to dedicate my modest


If you are interested in volunteering your help and ideas for marketing ETC, I am confident that you would be a valuable addition to those who are planning the marketing approach. Check here and here for what that group is currently working on.


I live in Indonesia, a stern believer of ETC and am a marketing professional (expertise in digital marketing & public relations) with experiences in Fortune 500 companies: Siemens, Faurecia, IBM, Nielsen, Zurich, and Assicurazioni Generali. How can I help?


It will rise. Soon I hope. I’m Hodl-ing