Websites accepting Ethereum Classic as payment


Thought it would be useful to compile lists of shops and services which could be paid with Ethereum Classic specifically. If you know sites that should be in this list then comment bellow and I’ll edit it from time to time. (please make sure it really accepts ETC not other cryptos)


more coming soon…

disclosure: I’m not affiliated in any way with any of the above websites


Would be cool to have it for an online tech store, considering the whole IoT thing.


Full disclosure, this is my site and ico.
We had a delay since the first 4 weeks of marketing person working had about 4 total hours of work done. They learned a lot about crypto on my dime and thanked me for the paycheck. (My actual money.)

Hiring marketing people over holidays did not work, currently working with a professional.


I have discovered that so many Forex brokers are now accepting ETH as mode of payment. Even the broker I trade with (Forexchief) recently starting accepting Ethereum and also the ETHUSD is now available on their platform

Ethereum classic as payment method is one of the fastest I have seen. I have done some exchanges on binance as well. This is the future of money.