Which cloud mining platform you recommend?


Hi guys!

I want to invest my money on cryptocurrencies, but I don’t have time to trade and place to mining so I decided to invest in cloud mining. My friends recommend me cloud mining platform Rockwall.Investments. Do you use them? Any opinions?

I’m really interested “fusion packages”. There is no risk to lose money and the profit is from 0% to 225%.


Don’t use cloud mining services. They’re nearly all scams.


Agreed, cloud mining services can be called nothing but legal scams. Think about it, why would anyone mine for you when they could simply mine for themselves and make more money?

ETC is cheap at the moment, so in my opinion you’d be better off just buying some coins and holding them. A lot of exciting things are happening with ETC this year, so I don’t really see how 2018 could end in anything but profit for the holders - Especially if you invest now.


100% agree with mates!! just if you dont have time or money to invest on miners, just boy some of them and superHOLD!!! great news will come to us, ETC holders!!

in any case, i have only one doubt, is the amazon AWS/ EC2 service… I looked some miner friend that he is really using it well, casue in his ethminer scren appear the “digital machine`s” hashrate on it!!!