Withdrawal etc from bittrex to myetherwallet not received!


Dear Support,

I send my ETC from my account on Bittrex to Myetherwallet.
From ID: 0x69e2a3676977fb3db3ad2164eb88a7b44c9f3c4f
To ID: 0x25EEc999cE4b0Ca34f9C16e11C5194Df4cB06Fe9
Txld: 0x94986365d85b9a0048dc4ddd564237002401c6cb0ec5795a5dc6593007677ea4
And now, I still don’t received my ETC on Myetherwallet.
Please kindly check and send my ETC to my account.
Many thank for your support!


Hey sorry your having issues- did you ever get this resolved?