Work with parity for private chain?


hi guys !
i am sorry for my poor englisth first
i want to create a private chain
then how to init the first blockdata ?
the parity only have the --chain= classic but no intrudoction the private chain
i have try the parity --datadir “./” --chain classic but use the different networkid but have no peers


This might have what you’re looking for:


thank u for replay
i have read it
i want to create classic private chain … classic
but this document just say --chassic and --chassic-testnet not private chain
can u give some tips??? ths


The instructions provided for parity do not say anything about --chain=classic and give instructions for running a dev chain right at the top of the article.

You can also do something similar in geth:

Or you can install and run Ganache:


dear bro
thank u for your replay
i have already implemented private chain with geth client
i only want to implement the private chain with parity not dev mode
any way the emerald wallet always pause the ui of downlaod geth.exe hard to use
but when i use ethereum classic wallets and ethereum wallets it’s cannot work well
cause they use the same ipc
emmm is it some way to specify the different ipc node for different wallets? thank u again